DAY 11: TD PAINE to C. SOMBRERO 450km (7 January)

Clutch out this morning at 9am and a mix of bitumen and mostly dirt as we left the National Park with fantastic blue sky vistas of Torres del Paine.

Finally the mountainous ridge of the Andes gives way to the Argentinian steppes.

We ride the next 300km of beautiful straight road and struggle to stay awake. Fortunately the weather is good and there is no rain.

It’s been a long run since the last fuel and so we stop in at the only petrol station to find it has closed ~ it will be a difficult run in to C Sombrero.

Once we arrive at the Magellan Straits we rode onto the ferry for the quick trip across (amazingly absolutely no wind and 20°) finnally arriving onto the island of Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire).

Our final 35km into C Sombrero was a challenge seeing most bikes on empty as we finally arrived at the petrol station.

One thought on “DAY 11: TD PAINE to C. SOMBRERO 450km (7 January)

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  1. Essential reading every day now! Nearly running out of fuel must have given you all some hypertension, bloody hell. The white mountain caps look spectacular. I remember doing this sort of thing when we were young & silly & full of fun stuff on Honda 90 stepthroughs with all terrain tyres❗️Looking forward to the next instalment Rocket, Jenny sends her best, cheers, PC.


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