DAY 10: CALAFATE to TORRES DEL PAINE 310km (6 January)

Off to Chile today; 9am clutch out, high cloud sky, and straight back onto Ruta40.

The road leaving El Calafate alternated between bitumen and dirt, fortunately sparing us the wind, which in this region blows with gusts that can reach 130 km/h.

A beautiful run up the steep winding escarpment was a morning delight despite the 8° temperature.

Once we crossed the border from Argentina, taking the obligatory minimum of 90 minutes, we stopped for lunch on the Chilean side.

It didn’t take long before the rain set in and some of us without waterproof gear stopped to put on their rain suits. Fortunately with practice Johnny is getting much faster.placeholder://placeholder://

We rode the dirt into the Torres del Paine National Park to see the the eighth wonder of the world!!!

Not! Due to the heavy rain and cloud this is reality!

We rode round the muddy circuit of the park and stopped at our Hotel Rio Serrano for the night.

If the weather hopefully clears tonight we will have an awesome view of the towering peaks from our hotel.

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