DAY 8: GREGORES to CALAFATE 315km (4 January)

Another beautiful day where there is quiet respite from the wind in the morning. Rhino and a few others took up the challenge to head out horse riding for an hour before our clutch out.

The 130km unpaved road and the unrelenting 80 to 100 km winds was the toughest riding time yet. The windswept gusts continually push us out of the narrow car tracks we are trying to follow into the larger gravel mounds.

Despite being compensated with the views of the Viedma and Argentino lakes when we arrived at the end of this 120km section of dirt our Italian friend Claudio fell to the ground and kissed the bitumen as thanks for arriving safely.

We then stopped at the Hotel La Leona for lunch in the historic estancia that gave refuge to Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid and Ethel Place when in flight after a robbery.

The excellent road surface then ran right through to El Calafate, a much larger tourist town, where we stayed at the Design Suites Hotel located with stunning views overlooking the Argentino Lake.

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