DAY 7: TOLDOS to GREGORES 262km (3 January)

Heavy rain fell over night, however with a late clutch out at 11am, the sky was clear blue by the time we left.

Ruta40, groups of guanacos (lama like animals that hate motorcycles), and strong gusting 80km winds were the major players in this quick run further south. We maintained a good speed for the whole day on the bitumen however the strong winds made it extremely difficult to maintain a safe upright position on the road as the gusts consistently pushed us out of our lane.

Along the way we were flagged down my a local Argentinian, who we had passed previously, and who was almost out of fuel. Rocket and Charles, who were trailing the rest of the group, stopped to help, siphoned a few litres from the Adventure over to the Suzuki and finally caught up with the others just before the dirt (from hell).

The last 22 km was on the gravel and again the strong winds made this a challenge to maintain an upright and safe position.

We did however finally arrive at our incredibly remote however beautiful accommodation for the night, Estancia La Angostura, with a dinner of spit-roasted lamb accompanied by local red wine, accompanied by songs and guitar from the third generation owner of the property.

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