DAY 3: TREVELIN to PUYUHUAPI 238km (30 December)

Apologies however unforeseen again no WiFi to post on time (hmmm)

For a short ride this was a long day. Clutch out at 8am riding dirt roads 20km to the Chilean border.

The Carretera Austral is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful routes in the world to cross on a motorbike however at the border there are lots of forms to fill out and present on both sides meaning almost two hours lost. After passing the border, we rode the dirt alongside awesomely beautiful vistas of blue lakes with mountainous snow topped alps.

We moved onto some serious and fast dirt roads running alongside the grand Rio Futaleufu.

Just before lunch we rode through Villa Santa Lucia where, in mid December, a mud slide after intensive rain hit the small village and tragically 12 people died and 14 missing. The military were controlling the village and we skirted its edge riding through thick sloppy mud roads.

We eventually got back onto Ruta 7 which is currently being upgraded meaning long stretches of gravel (ie BIG rocks) and water filled potholes you could loose a bike in.

As we neared the final destination for the night we were diverted onto a nine car ferry which was transporting travellers around a 3km coastal stretch of road destroyed by cliff rock falls.

After finally traversing this detour we arrived at a small jetty where a small boat took us and our luggage to the beautiful island resort of Puyuhaupi Lodge on the western side of the fiord.

Tomorrow we head off to Coyhaiqu to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

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