OET17 Day 1

DAY 1: OSORNO to BARILOCHE 266km (28 December)

It was a slow start out of Orsono this morning in order to drop by and pick up Johnny’s BMW 1200GS Adventure.

Pretty soon however after the paperwork was finished and a big “At Last” moment, Johnny was on his bike and we were all headed out of Chile towards Argentina.

We rode the hairpin bends through the Chilean landscape for only a short while before half our group dropped out of sight in the rear mirror. Turning around we got back to find Johnny broken down on the side of the road. It seemed that his bike’s throttle had minimal power for no understandable reason.

The hire company came out to do a deal and fix the problem which they achieved by bringing out an entirely new bike.

The next stop was the Chilean Border and after an hour and a half of processing paperwork we finally rode into the 40km no-mans land between the two Countries.

This was where the Puyehue Volcanoe erupted in 2011 with enormous devastation of lava, fire and unfortunately life.

We had awesome hot soup for lunch in the cold of the alps and then rode down the range admiring the panorama of the wind swept Lake Nahuel Huapi.

We finally arrived into our hotel beside the lake for the night then headed into Bariloche for dinner in of one of the liveliest cities of the region.

Reflecting and respecting the culture of Argentina’s Patagonia region we enjoyed an amazing meal of meat, chips and red😊

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