DAY 3: TREVELIN to PUYUHUAPI 238km (30 December)

Apologies however unforeseen again no WiFi to post on time (hmmm)

For a short ride this was a long day. Clutch out at 8am riding dirt roads 20km to the Chilean border.

The Carretera Austral is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful routes in the world to cross on a motorbike however at the border there are lots of forms to fill out and present on both sides meaning almost two hours lost. After passing the border, we rode the dirt alongside awesomely beautiful vistas of blue lakes with mountainous snow topped alps.

We moved onto some serious and fast dirt roads running alongside the grand Rio Futaleufu.

Just before lunch we rode through Villa Santa Lucia where, in mid December, a mud slide after intensive rain hit the small village and tragically 12 people died and 14 missing. The military were controlling the village and we skirted its edge riding through thick sloppy mud roads.

We eventually got back onto Ruta 7 which is currently being upgraded meaning long stretches of gravel (ie BIG rocks) and water filled potholes you could loose a bike in.

As we neared the final destination for the night we were diverted onto a nine car ferry which was transporting travellers around a 3km coastal stretch of road destroyed by cliff rock falls.

After finally traversing this detour we arrived at a small jetty where a small boat took us and our luggage to the beautiful island resort of Puyuhaupi Lodge on the western side of the fiord.

Tomorrow we head off to Coyhaiqu to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

DAY 2: BARILOCHE to TREVELIN 385km (29 December)

Apologies however unforeseen no WiFi to post on time.

Clutch out at 8am from the beautiful Lake Nahuel Huapi and then exploring the inlets up to the mirador Llao Llao for a panoramic ride with full rainbow on the horizon.

The rain had started to set in and unfortunately didn’t stop for the next four hours. We did however stop at a farm at Lago Rivadavia for a wonderful, and long, lunch.

We descended the bends of the Andes to El Bolson and ventured into Los Alercos National Park, characterized by the snow covered alps and 100km of dirt roads that wound around the iridescent lakes.

As the sun came out and dried the roads Johnny and Rhino were finally able to cut loose and have some fun on the dirt roads.

We arrived at our isolated lodgings on the river for the night where we were treated to an amazing Argentinian fire cooked meal.

Tomorrow morning we ride back across the border into Chile ~ fingers crossed!

OET17 Day 1

DAY 1: OSORNO to BARILOCHE 266km (28 December)

It was a slow start out of Orsono this morning in order to drop by and pick up Johnny’s BMW 1200GS Adventure.

Pretty soon however after the paperwork was finished and a big “At Last” moment, Johnny was on his bike and we were all headed out of Chile towards Argentina.

We rode the hairpin bends through the Chilean landscape for only a short while before half our group dropped out of sight in the rear mirror. Turning around we got back to find Johnny broken down on the side of the road. It seemed that his bike’s throttle had minimal power for no understandable reason.

The hire company came out to do a deal and fix the problem which they achieved by bringing out an entirely new bike.

The next stop was the Chilean Border and after an hour and a half of processing paperwork we finally rode into the 40km no-mans land between the two Countries.

This was where the Puyehue Volcanoe erupted in 2011 with enormous devastation of lava, fire and unfortunately life.

We had awesome hot soup for lunch in the cold of the alps and then rode down the range admiring the panorama of the wind swept Lake Nahuel Huapi.

We finally arrived into our hotel beside the lake for the night then headed into Bariloche for dinner in of one of the liveliest cities of the region.

Reflecting and respecting the culture of Argentina’s Patagonia region we enjoyed an amazing meal of meat, chips and red😊

OET17 Day-1

OET17 Day -1


Up early today after a good nights sleep and off to the local bus station to travel the 110km north to Osorno where we would later pick up our bikes.

Rhino arrived in from Auckland and we then got to meet our tour guide Gionata at the hotel and following our briefing headed off to pick up our bikes.

Unfortunately Johnny missed his connecting flight at Santiago and had to fly down to Puerto Montt where he was able to catch a taxi to Orsono (funnily enough with Francesco our support crew driver who was also on his flight)

We also finally got to meet all of the other riders over an enjoyable Chilean buffet dinner ~ they included two Italians, a Swiss, one Mexican and the three Italian tour team.

Johnny will pick up his bike in the morning as we head out of Orsono for Argentina.

Clutch out tomorrow at 9am.

OET17 Day -2


A forty minute delay out of Sydney resulted in Ross, Ian and I cutting it a little bit fine into Santiago to collect bags, clear immigration and check in for our connecting flight. Got to say however that the Qantas flight and service was outstanding.

We arrived into Puerto Montt (a city of 200,000 and some 1,000km south of Santiago) in time for an early dinner, and due to the time zone change a reasonably early night, after the obligatory Pisco Sours, to ensure we adjust as soon as possible.

We were also surprised for such a large port town and the capital of the Chilean Patagonia to seem so disadvantaged however they did have some interesting art works and advertising (what for we were not sure 🤔)

15 Days until departure…

Having just had our final planning session in Sydney Johnny headed back to London, Rhino to his farm in South Australia and Rocket to Avoca Beach. We will all meet again (with Frosty and Ross) in Osorno in a few weeks time.

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